Professional performance. Quality. Service.

Thanks to own experience, we found out that it’s pretty tough to find a good all-round welding company. Good and motivated welders are something that seems to become less and less of a thing.

Atelier Creamet offers customized solutions in steel, stainless steel, bronze and aluminium, we guarantee you a high-quality job at a decent price.

Our product range is practically infinite! From counter tops to art sculptures and from little objects to complete furniture. We make everything entirely as you wish.

After a good 15 years of experience, we now have a beautiful company with a workshop of 400 square meters. With a very driven teams of specialists.

Our team:

Our team are experienced people for all welding, grinding/sanding, polishing, sandblasting, paintwork and assembly.

Our strengths:

  • Execution and delivery according to clearly predetermined agreements
  • Promises are made true, on time and exactly as you requested
  • Offering fast and flexible solutions
  • We are a qualitative supplier of finished products and semi-finished products
  • To prevent contamination, we work in various separate workshops, a steel processing room and a non-ferrous workshop
  • Focus on high quality finishing, reliable delivery and competitive prices
  • Respect for budget and deadlines

A glance into our workshop:


We are only using professional work- and protection equipment to deliver high quality products:

Sawing machines: semi-automatic band saw for sawing diameters of up to … mm or pipes of …/… mm

Sheet rolling: plate bending roll 1500 x 6 mm – 3roll / diameter … mm

Profile bending: capacity of bending profiles of … mm

Welding equipment: 2 MIG/MAG welding machines, 5 DC Tig welding machines and 2 AC/DC welding machines

8 fully equipped workstations for welding, grinding and polishing


We cooperate with professional companies in the area, so even if Atelier Creamet doesn’t have the capacity ourselves, we are usually able to help out thanks to our many friends and contacts, to make it all work out in the end.